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    Add value with a SME finance referral partner

    We work with you to give your clients better options

    If you’re an accountant, financial planner, equipment supplier, manufacturer, or dealer with SME clients, it’s good business to have finance partners to add value to your core offering. Cabbage Capital is a specialist SME business finance broker. We’ll work in consultation with you to act in your clients’ best interests.

    We offer a complete suite of Equipment & Asset Finance, Business Loans, Trade Finance, Debtor Finance and Insurance Premium Finance solutions from our network of over 40 lenders.

    SME Finance with a competitive edge.

    If you already refer to a bank provider, we can add to the range of finance options you can offer. In most instances, we can recommend a superior form of finance tailored to your clients’ needs. Banks only tick a few of the boxes a broker can. They say no more often, take longer to make decisions, and have limited product offerings.

    Remarkably, only 1 in 5 SME business loans is provided by a broker as opposed to a bank. It means the majority miss out on the advantage of competing lenders to generate lower interest rates and fees. Not to mention the more diverse products and tailored solutions Cabbage Capital can offer.
    If you’d like to refer your clients to competitive lending solutions that make good sense, we should talk.

    Benefits for referral partners

    • Add value to your core business offering
    • Help clients secure the most competitive loans
    • Build loyalty and repeat business
    • Provide a broad suite of business finance options.

    We develop long term relationships with our clients

    Cabbage Capital differs itself from other finance organisations, because as we are, we truly care about the ongoing process and the road that our clients take within our business.

    We, at Cabbage Capital will always take it to the next level when it comes to customer support. In saying this we do not only want our clients to receive the highest quality equipment loans, asset loans, trade loans at a great price, we want to provide support to the whole journey and to build a great, communicative relationship that proves to obtain the best result for both client and supplier.

    The Kissel + Wolf / Cabbage Capital business relationship was formed approximately two years ago. I wanted to partner with a leader in the printing industry, and Kissel + Wolf and their team are certainly that. We share similar values and always have the end customer front of mind. It must be a win-win-win outcome, otherwise, the job has not been done.

    As a partnership, our ability to offer out of the ordinary solutions to those who need it most is what sets us apart. The combination of the four stakeholders (Customer, Lender, Kissel+Wolf & Cabbage Capital) working together towards a similar goal in the finance chain has proved to achieve some amazing outcomes for our customers.

    The bond that has formed between the two businesses is one that is not only beneficial for the like-minded organisations, but for the customers and the satisfaction knowing that we are doing our best to provide the best end to end finance solutions within the asset & equipment finance market.

    Brin Hayden and one of his long-term clients

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