Equipment & Asset Finance to drive growth

Fund it today to build tomorrow

Business Loans & Lines of Credit to keep things humming

Funds today to cover the day-to-day

Trade & Debtor Finance to unlock opportunities

Funding to bridge the cash flow gap

Insurance Premium Funding to smooth the flow

Spread payments to free your working capital

We help connect SME’s with the right finance options

Cabbage Capital is built to empower the SMEs that drive the nation. We listen first, walk you through your options, and take care of the detail, so you can put your energy where it’s needed most – into growing your business. We’ll back you with finance to ramp it up, keep things humming and build the dream.

A complete suite of SME business loans

We’re a specialised SME Business Finance Broker. We offer fast and flexible ways to purchase, rent or upgrade the assets you need along with providing a range of finance solutions to bridge the gap, seize opportunity and boost potential. All while streamlining cash flow and maximising working capital. We’re here to help.

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Equipment & Asset Finance

Fund it today to build tomorrow

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Business loans & lines of credit

Funds today to cover the day-to-day

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Trade & debtor finance

Funding to bridge the cash flow gap

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Insurance premium funding

Spread payments to free your working capital

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Brin Hayden

Cabbage Capital Director

“I take the time to understand your business and develop a solution that works in your best interests.”

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Personalised business finance to help you grow

We listen before recommending anything and prepare applications to ensure you secure the best finance option for your situation. We’ll even spread the risk between lenders if it’s to your advantage. You’ll get a solution that works around you. And we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
Small loan
to start growing
Medium loan
to get going
Large loan
to get growing
Great big loan
for life’s big ambitions

40+ competitive lenders

Cabbage Capital is built on a competitive model. We partner with a network of over 40 lenders vying for your business. This gives us the power to secure the best interest rates, low fees, and optimal loan structure for your situation. They’re competing for your business. Building a relationship with another lender isn’t just good for business now. It could be a vital source of finance for growth in the future.

We prepare SME loan applications for success.

Loan applications are hard work. We prepare them for you to set you up for success and eliminate headaches. We’ll position you with a professional application and organise your supporting documents to secure the ideal loan structure, terms, and approval from the best lender available.
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We prepare professional applications & documentation.
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Position you for the ideal loan structure to suit you.
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Secure approval from the best provider available.

Why Cabbage Capital?

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Deeper insight
We get to know you and your business to ensure we secure the best option
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Competitive network
40+ lenders competing for your business
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Fast, flexible finance
24-hour call back with prompt consultation, application & approval

Let’s get started

If you’d like to book a meeting to discuss your needs, contact us, or start a finance application, get in touch, and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours. Alternatively, please call on +61 418 574 655.

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