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We believe finance should be easy, fast, and competitive.

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Cabbage Capital believes that the best finance solutions lie in deep insight and competition. That’s why we make time to understand your business before we recommend anything. And why we work with a network of 40+ lenders who compete for your business.

We can do more than a bank. They can’t reduce your risk by spreading loans across several lenders. They’ll slot you into an off-the-shelf product rather than tailor the finance around you. And because they don’t compete for your business, they dictate the interest rate and fees. That’s where we’re different.

We believe finance should be easy, fast, and competitive. By knowing your business cycles and pain points, we can minimise risk and set up cost-efficient solutions to smooth your cash flow. We’ll also work closely with your accountant or financial adviser ensuring maximum benefits are obtained for you and your business.


20+ years working for and with SMEs

Brin’s commercial experience spans over 20 years. He began in logistics, rising to senior management with Victorian Express before a Toll Group buy-out. He was a founding member of Yellow Express, a leader in the last-mile bulk logistics sector, undertaking various roles culminating in General Manager. With 15 staff, a fleet of 200+ owner drivers, and a client base of small to medium business owners, Brin got to know their issues.

During the GFC, Brin saw what it takes for SMEs to survive and thrive during lean times. On the flip side, he recognises the flexibility and rewards of running your own show. Brin brings commercial awareness to all business areas to structure finance options that strengthen cash flow and improve the bottom line. He believes doing business should be fun, and clients’ growth and success are his motivation.

Brin spent his teen years in the US where cabbage is a synonym for cash and money – the resources required to live our lives as we choose and for businesses to flourish. The improvement of client’s financial health is at the core of the Cabbage Capital mission. When you consider the impressive health & longevity benefits of the simple cabbage, one can quickly see the link and inspiration for the simplicity and deliverability of competitive finance products and solutions.

Brin is a devoted family man. When he’s not looking after clients, you’ll find him spending quality time with his wife and daughter…and enjoying a round of golf.

Brin Hayden

Founder and principal broker

“I appreciate that no two businesses are the same. Every solution we deliver is custom designed for each client.”

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