Finance for Cars, Utility Vehicles & Vans

Cabbage Capital offers efficient and economical financing solutions for cars, utility vehicles, and vans tailored to your business needs. We strive to secure the most competitive rates, tailor payments to suit your cash flow, and ensure you benefit from applicable tax and depreciation advantages in coordination with your accountant.

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial sector, Cabbage Capital has been a trusted provider of car financing and leasing services to businesses across Australia.

How Car Finance Can Benefit Your Business

Car finance simplifies the process of acquiring a vehicle for your business by allowing you to use the car while you pay for it over time. This arrangement prevents your capital from being tied up in a single, potentially depreciating asset.

This financing method is ideal for business owners who prefer not to pay the full price upfront. Instead, you can spread the cost through smaller, regular installments over a set period, while fully utilising the vehicle for your business needs.

Your finance provider will supply the necessary funds to purchase the car, utility vehicle, or van, using the vehicle itself as collateral. This means that if you do not meet the repayment terms, the lender has the right to take back and sell the vehicle to offset any losses.

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Car Finance & Leasing Options with Cabbage Capital

Cabbage Capital offers several car finance and leasing options, including: 

Chattel Mortgage
Commercial Hire Purchase
Finance Lease
Operating Lease

Why Choose Cabbage Capital for Car Finance?

Our founder and principal broker, Brin Hayden, brings over 20 years of experience in the commercial sector, focusing on solutions for small to medium enterprises to provide a real impact.

“I take the time to understand your business and develop a solution that works in your best interests. Because we’re smaller and leaner, you won’t be paying for the overheads of an army of consultants. And we don’t apply a one size fits all approach. 

Unlike banks or single product providers, I don’t apply a one size fits all approach. I bring in-depth knowledge of the lenders, options, and facilities open to you. I’ll source finance from our network of 30+ lenders competing for your business. We’ll shop around to identify and source the ideal package and arrangement for your requirements. And then negotiate the best rates and terms on your behalf.”

We can provide fast and cost-effective finance for cars, utility vehicles, or vans to ensure you have everything you need to expand. We’ll prepare your application to secure the optimal loan structure and terms for you and your business.

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Cabbage Capital services are available nationwide. Contact us today to apply for vehicle finance in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and throughout Australia.

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